Audrey Mongrain

Audrey is a TTPA Alumni and has been part our staff since 2018. She is passionate about dance, fitness and training young dancers.

Amanda Kerby

Amanda Kerby, born in Riverside, California, grew up a competitive dancer at the age of six.

Vanessa McCormick

In May of 2014 Vanessa received her Bachelor’s in Dance from Sonoma State University where she was able to delve into her passion for dance.

Tammy Thompson

Tammy is a veteran dance mom. Her first daughter Laura started dancing with S.S. Dance Express in 1992.

Tammy Slader

A former dance studio owner and director for twenty-three years, Tamie Slader is one of the most sought after dance instructors in the Bay Area.

Katherine Langley

Katie hails Michigan where she grew up in a dancing family. Along with competitive dance she played basketball, softball, track, and volleyball.

Shanna de la Torre

Shanna’s love and passion for dance has been present throughout her life.
Starting at the age of four, competing and training in all types of dance, Shanna knew she had found her calling.

Adrianne Cherry

Adrianne began dancing when she was six years old, competing and taking classes in Jazz, Tap and Ballet. After high school she began to discover her own style of choreography, dancing and choreographing at Las Positas College.

Bill Langley

Bill is a native of Michigan and moved to the bay area in 2003. Starting out as a competitive dancer he appeared on the nationally televised 1996 American Dance Championships, where his team was crowned national champions.

Brian Drogosch

As a competitive dancer Brian was a member of the 1996 and 1998 National Champions at the American Dance Championships in Myrtle Beach. He then started his career at the prestigious Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles on scholarship under the direction of Joe Malone.