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Dance has always been my daughter’s passion ever since she was a very young girl. There was a time however, when I started to see a change take place in Brooke. Dancing was no longer a passion but it became a chore. She lost the SPARK that made her such a special performer. Then we moved to TTPA. What we love about Triple Threat Performing Arts is that they brought our little girl back. That special spark we saw within her years a go is back and even stronger than ever. She can’t wait to put her dance shoes on and go to class. As a parent all you want is to see your child happy, and it brings tears to our eyes seeing Brooke so happy doing what she was born to do. TTPA does not treat their students like a business transaction, which is such a nice change to see. They truly care about the students, giving them a fun experience but also they emphasize technique and improving all levels of dancers. The experience at TTPA is unparalleled making it truly unique. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank all the teachers at TTPA who have not only made my daughter a stronger dancer but have brought back her love of dance.  We highly recommend Triple Threat Performing Arts for anyone who wants the best in dance for their child.

– Gary and Bobbie Fong

TTPA is not just a dance studio, it is a family. I have been a part of the TTPA family for 22 years, dancing with them since I was 5 years old. I loved my experience growing up there so much that my son started dancing with them when he was 3 and has continued to do so the past 5 years. It is a home away from home and I couldn’t see the studio not being a part of our lives. They always keep current on dance styles coming out and try to engage their dancers in different styles with professional guest choreographers. As a business you can’t always make everyone happy, but they try to do just that.

– Lynde Farhat

We cannot be grateful enough for the inspiration and dedication that has come to Amanda through TTPA. Through their guidance and character building philosophy, Amanda is now living her dream as a professional dancer in New York City. It is inspiring to see what hard work, perseverance, and determination can do for a dancer! All nurtured by the teachers, Bill, Brian, Shawnel, and Sonya at TTPA. We are truly blessed to have had this dance studio in our lives!

– Sylvia and Russ Pierce

Confidence, family, fun, lifelong friendships, hard work, fulfillment – those are the words that come to mind when I think of our time with SS Dance Express and Triple Threat Performing Arts.

– Jennifer Aries

My daughter has danced with the teachers from Triple Threat for 14 years. I really feel that my daughter has a solid dance background due to the fact that the studio has several different teachers each that specialize in their own style. I appreciate that they make it their goal to provide a well rounded dance education and that they bring in master teachers and dancers from all over the United States. It is nice to be involved with a studio that not only has recreational dancers ranging in age from 2 to our senior ladies, but also has an National award winning competition team. I credit the teachers at Triple Threat with much of the sucess my daughter has had. She has been invited to dance all over the U.S. and recently returned from Italy after being asked to represent the U.S. on the United States dance team and the Prix De Italia.  Thank you Triple Threat for your years of dedication and the encouragement you have given her to help her achieve her dreams.

– Heather Fisher